Resistance Lab

The Northern Police Monitoring Project is a founding member of Resistance Lab.

Resistance Lab is a Manchester-based network of activists, Third Sector organisations, grassroots community groups, and university staff and students who work to confront (racist) state violence in its different forms.

We are an anti-racist group and as such, our work seeks to understand, expose, and educate others about how state violence is targeted at Black and Brown communities in particular. Our primary focus is to support the lives of those affected by state violence, therefore active police officers, prison guards and so on are not welcome within the group. 

Resistance Lab members meet semi-regularly to organise around the local (Greater Manchester) dimensions of the global challenge presented by (racist) state violence. Central to our work is the development of technological and/or creative outputs to raise public awareness about different forms of state violence. To do this, we have several ‘working groups’ – or ongoing projects – that members can volunteer to become involved in.

More information on Resistance Lab coming soon