Over a year on from the harrowing death of Shukri Abdi, we want to reaffirm our solidarity with Shukri’s family and with all those fighting for justice. As anti-racist organisations, we know too well that lives like Shukri’s are not afforded the care that they deserve. 

Shukri’s story highlights the deadly effects of racism and Islamophobia across a range of institutions, and it reminds us that people who migrate are too often treated as second-class citizens in the UK. We remain dismayed, if unsurprised, by the ease with which Greater Manchester Police discounted the suspicious circumstances surrounding Shukri’s death – and we recognise that evidence emerging from the Inquest suggests that these denials were premature. 

Justice will not come without the hard work of those speaking out and speaking up. All power to those out protesting across the world this weekend – stay safe! No justice, no peace. 

Northern Police Monitoring Project & Kids of Colour