As a black, working-class man, I am sick of the systematic abuse and injustice that my black working-class family have to endure from the police and within society more broadly on too frequent a basis. This is why I have donated £750 to the Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP) and the Racial Justice Network (RJN).

I am one of a group of 286 people who were arrested in Tower Hamlets on 7th September 2013 by the London Metropolitan Police as we attempted to confront a demonstration that had been organised by the racist English Defence League (EDL). We were arrested for alleged offences under ss. 12 and 14 of the Public Order Act 1986. Our arrests felt like a tactic deployed by the police to deter anti-racists that had been strongly resisting vile fascist groups like the EDL. Not surprisingly, as with most arrestees, our charges were eventually dropped.

In response to our wrongful and political arrest, arrestees collectively decided to take action by bringing a civil suit against the police. Some years later, we received news that our action was successful and we began to receive compensation.

I therefore thought it was essential to donate some of my compensation to grassroots anti-racist organisations that are doing fantastic work to challenge police harassment, violence, racism and racial injustice like the NPMP and RJN.


The Northern Police Monitoring Project is an inspiring independent campaigning group who are educating and empowering the people of Greater Manchester to powerfully challenge policing through their campaigning, advice and monitoring work. The Racial Justice Network are a fantastic network based in West Yorkshire that uses training and research to empower its members to challenge racial injustice and inequality. The work of these two organisations will be vital in equipping our communities with tools to challenge policing, racism and racial injustice.


I greatly encourage you to donate what you can to support these organisations with their work. No Justice, No Peace!


You can donate here and it takes less than two minutes!