About NPMP

The Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP) has been set up to as an independent campaigning and advocacy organisation to educate, empower and organise the people of Manchester and the surrounding area in the face of increasing police harassment, violence and racism.

The NPMP has 3 objectives

1. Campaigning

It exists to provide a forum to unite the various campaigns that have been set up in our communities in response to police harassment, violence, intimidation and criminalisation. NPMP operates as a forum to unite these groups and also support emerging campaigns as and when they are established.

2. Monitoring

NPMP attempts to get a bigger picture of the level and forms of police harassment in our communities. Learning from the initiative set up in London in the 1980s, the Newham Monitoring Project (http://www.nmp.org.uk/), we aim to monitor the response of organisations including the police to the local community

3. Advising

NPMP aims to work within our communities suffering police harassment to provide advice, support, advocacy and access to specialist legal assistance for individuals and families, as well as community outreach initiatives and educational projects including know-your-rights workshops in relation to police ‘Stop and Search’ powers. These workshops will be replicated across different communities in the Manchester area.


In order for us to gain the trust and confidence of those individuals, groups and communities we are working with and to allow us to offer a genuine challenge to the official narrative around crime and policing in our communities, WE ARE ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT FROM THE POLICE AND OTHER OFFICIAL STATE AGENCIES.

email: whopolicesthepolice [@] gmail.com

Deyika Nzeribe (1966-2017)

Deyika Nzeribe was one of the founders and main organisers of the Northern Police Monitoring Project. His hard work and creativity made many of the events and services that the NPMP have offered in the past, possible. However, Deyika's work transcended NPMP. He was a...

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Justice for Shukri Abdi

Over a year on from the harrowing death of Shukri Abdi, we want to reaffirm our solidarity with Shukri’s family and with all those fighting for justice. As anti-racist organisations, we know too well that lives like Shukri’s are not afforded the care that they...

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Information for protesters

A thread for Manchester protesters. We'll be available via Twitter & email all weekend: npolicemonitor@gmail.com. Reach out, if you need us. Go prepared - mask, hand sanitiser, water, food, charged phone. Wear nondescript clothing. The police will use facial...

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NPMP statement on protests

As an anti-racist organisation committed to the abolition of the police, we want to express our solidarity and support for protesters in the US and for the many protesting and speaking out here in the UK. It is necessary to speak up in the UK to stand in international...

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Statement on Covid-19 emergency police powers

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the government has proposed a set of emergency powers that are likely to be rushed through parliament next week. Whilst a robust response to the pandemic is necessary, elements of the proposals represent a grave threat to justice and...

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Why we are opposed to ‘Section 60’ pilots

‘Section 60’ refers to Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. A Section 60 order is applied to a specific geographical area, and is authorised by a police officer (of or above the rank of Inspector). The order essentially allows police officers...

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Against Engagement with the Police

by Tanzil Chowdhury To many, the ‘ACAB’ slogan may seem like little more than radical posturing. The prospect of a police-less future is so impossible that it exudes pharaoh-nic levels of naivety. So naturalized has the existence of the police become, that many...

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NPMP statement in support of the STOP THE SCANDAL campaign

The Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP) wishes to offer its full support to the Stop the Scandal campaign launched by the Racial Justice Network and Yorkshire Resists. The stop and scan initiative allows police to check people’s fingerprints in the street against immigration and crime databases.

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Open letter regarding ‘Project Servator’

FAO Greater Manchester Police   We, the undersigned, are concerned about the implementation of ‘Project Servator’ in the city of Manchester. We are more concerned about the unwillingness of Greater Manchester Police to justify this practice, or to respond to the...

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NPMP statement on ‘Project Servator’

We are concerned about the implementation of ‘Project Servator’ in our city. A video tweeted by Greater Manchester Police (@GMpolice) showed uniformed officers handing out leaflets in the Manchester Arndale shopping centre. Superintendent Chris Hill stated that those who do not want to engage with leafleting officers would be ‘watched’ by plain-clothes officers. He has also urged the public not to worry about more ‘checks’ taking place.

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Northern Police Monitoring Project: Public Statement, National Stephen Lawrence Day

Today – the 22 April 2019 – marks the first National Stephen Lawrence Day. It provides us with an important opportunity to commemorate the life of Stephen. And it provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the work that still needs to be done to support local people, communities and campaigns in the face of police harassment, intimidation, violence and racism.

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